Shabby Chic Decorating Tips

Shabby Chic Farmhouse KitchenThinking about giving your home a shabby chic, farm style décor? Great idea! Not only is it an absolutely adorable look to revamp your home with, it is also quite affordable compared to other decors.

The key to properly capturing that country farm style house plan is to picture a light, casual look. By blending together worn furnishings and creating an intimate, lived-in feel, you can bring that classic, cottage-style charm right into your own home.

Shabby chic is all about fabrics, colors, and patterns that work together with existing furniture and knickknacks. You don’t necessarily need to buy new furniture to create the shabby chic feel, as many of your current furniture pieces may be suited for distressing to help them blend in. The secret to pulling off the shabby chic style effectively is to use both vintage and new elements to create a warm and inviting environment with all of the appeal and comfort of a relaxing country farmhouse.

Typically, green, yellow, blue and red are the colors most commonly used in country house plans. Especially pastels. By using these colors in a variety of combinations along with whites and off-whites, the color scheme possibilities are endless. Painted walls or patterned wallpapers are often used to augment the shabby chic vibe as well. Incorporating a wallpaper border is another popular and affordable way to further enhance the country appeal around your home and add contrast to the colors.

Any type of solid wood furniture such as pine or oak and similar natural warm woods are ideal. You may also incorporate painted furniture pieces. The idea is to use simple, charming furniture that is less decorative like the type of furniture you’d likely find in a formal home. Antiques (both original and reproductions) make for great shabby chic accents. Some popular ones include jelly cupboards, pie safes, and kitchen queens. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix different pieces of furniture up to come up with your own arrangements!

Look for fabrics that incorporate stripes, florals, and checks. Subtle stripes and checks are the hallmark of the shabby chic style, and they add a distinct, intimate feel to living areas and bedrooms.

Natural wood or ceramic tile flooring is most popular for shabby chic decors, but painted patterns or diamond/checkered designs can also compliment floors nicely. If you do decide to paint your own design, be sure to apply a top coat of varnish afterwards to properly protect it. However, even if your floors show signs of wear over time…even better! You may also want to add throw rugs in certain rooms for additional comfort.

Above all, the most important tip when it comes to undertaking a the task of shabby chic creative! Creating harmony out of several different types of furniture and patterns/colors is what it's all about. And don't forget to have fun!